2023 Q2 Update

2023 Q2 Update

It's been too long since out last update! Skipping ahead from the beggining of 2022 when we entered the year as a team of 25 we've continued growing over the course of the year and approaching the middle of 2023 we're a team of 34! Very lucky to have been able to welcome new talented people to our team. Head on over to the about page to learn more about each of us and meet our team!

Client Work

We're continuing our support of some of the largest games in the world enjoyed by millions of players. We're also working on projects we can't talk about yet but are looking foward to announcing in the future. It's incredibly exciting and hubling to be a part of this amazing creative industry!

  • Fortnite2
  • Valorant2
  • Breaker
  • Embrace Play

Internal Development

Very exciting for our team to reveal more of the fruits of our labours this year with the release of our first games and more of our tools!

Bare Butt Boxing Early Access Release

Be among the first players to join in on the madness by playing the Early Access version of Bare Butt Boxing on Steam! Take control of mischievous aliens mesmerized by the sport of boxing as they battle it out all over our beloved planet Earth, unaware of the laws and traditions of human society.

Quick Thumbnail

In January we've released Quick Thumbnail a small tool that allows you to easily capture and assign new thumbnails to a variety of assets. Very useful for any Unreal project!


Our motion vector generator tool is now available for both Unity and Unreal and we've expanded it with new functionality and performance/stability updates. Read the full changelog on our public notion page.

Super Secret Game Project

We've been hard at work on another new game project we're super excited about sharing very soon! Keep your eyes on our website and social media channels for latest updates.

Sharing More

I'm on a mission to improve the frequencty of news updates going forward. It's very easy to stay in the bubble with everything that's going on at work but it would be an injustice to all our hard work to not share it more frequently!

Thanks for reading!


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