Bare Butt Boxing Press Pack

Fact Sheet

Developer: Tuatara Games

Publisher: Tuatara Games

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Website: bare-butt-boxing

Regular price: TBD

Release date: May 4th 2023 (Steam Early Access)

Platforms: Steam, TBD


Take control of alien youngsters mesmerized by the sport of boxing as they battle it out all over our beloved planet Earth, unaware of the laws and traditions of human society.

Enjoy the chaos and whimsy of simulated characters and environments in this action arena brawler that will keep you hooked with surprising combat twists and gameplay variety. Board the spaceship, we're off to the next scrimmage!


  • SIMULATED CHAOS - Take control of funny, physics based alien fighters and use crazy power ups to turn the tide of battle.

  • ARENA COMBAT - Fight to dominate in different levels, each with their own quirks, hazards and traps.

  • ONLINE AND LOCAL MULTIPLAYER - Battle it out against players around the globe or host a local multiplayer couch party.

  • GAME MODES - Play with a large variety of game modes with different objectives that keep the gameplay fresh and maximize replayability.


  • Story Trailer
  • Bare Butt Boxing Teaser


  • 1 Final
  • Spaceship
  • 3 Final
  • 5 Final
  • 4 Final
  • 7 Final
  • 6 Final
  • Still 14


Bare Butt Boxing


Game Director: Klemen Lozar

Design: Ewan Argouse, Thomas Chretien

Programming: Hendrik Stephanus du Toit, Ewan Argouse

Art: Laurène Bonnet, Courtney Millman, Klemen Lozar, Thomas Chretien, Bruno Afonseca

SFX / Music: Clément Amendola

Producer: Paula Gutierrez Marquez

Publisher: Tuatara

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